On Monday morning at approximately 7:30am, local party legend Pete Tal was overheard, whilst sitting cross legged on the grass at Betoota Park, laughing in disgust at everyone heading to work.

It was reported that six hours into his acid trip and only minutes away from his third pinger, Pete remarked to Pixie, Line and Zela (three friends he made at a doof recently) that he couldn’t believe how all of these drones were just going to work for the machine day in and day out.

“It’s like the matrix, man” He chortled “When are these people going to open up and learn?” “Fuck man, I don’t know ey” Replied Zela “By the way, have you seen my durries? Pretty sure you’ve got em”

It was then noted that as Pete searched through his tote bag for scraps of a tabacco for a rollie, he commented that ‘these lemmings are what’s wrong with the world’, ‘society is a lie’ and ‘hey does anyone remember where I left my djembe?’

Minutes later and by that point, at least three pingers deep Pete, or ‘Petal’ as he is more affectionately referred, managed to convince the party to head back to his place for kick ons and some jamming.


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