Out of fear of being bored for the minute or so he may be spend facing the concrete wall of the men’s bathroom at his favourite pub, local bloke Dan Leo has whipped out the iPhone for a bit of social media activity.

Knowing full well that in the next ten to thirty seconds he’ll be putting his phone back in his pocket so that he can do up his fly and wash his hands, Dan prowls social media for content that doesn’t require very much thought or context.

“Haha… stupid cat” he says, while pressing the laughing smile emoji on a video meme of a cat getting itself stuck inside a flower vase.

“So good”

With still a fair bit of groggy urine left in the tank, Dan makes a move towards his Google Mail app, and begins manically refreshing the inbox.

“Hmm wonder if anyone went to work today?” he ponders aloud.

With his trip to the bathroom taking longer than expected, Dan has resorted to checking out Instagram stories of people he doesn’t really like that much.

“How does she keep affording these trips overseas?” he asks himself.

With the last of his orangey-yellow urine now being flushed down the train, Dan puts his phone back into his pocket, where it will stay for the rest of the night, unless he needs to wee again.


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