Tony Abbott has caused controversy again today after an explosive rant at the earth’s weather systems.

The former Prime Minister who last week criticised the NRL for allowing the US rapper Macklemore to play his 2nd highest rating song at the Grand Final because he said it promoted the “Yes” campaign, has caused a stir again today

After a slight rainbow appeared near his Northern Beaches hinterland home Abbott exploded saying the country deserved to be able to enjoy normal weather patterns without being bombarded by Yes campaigners.

“This is unbelievable. I have no idea how they figured out to do manipulate the weather like that but it just shows you how pervasive this campaign really is,” said Abbott.

Ignoring questions about the previous “No” skywriting a couple of weeks ago, Abbott said that people shouldn’t have messages shoved down their throats.

“And also,” Mr Abbott said, “Why do the gays get to own rainbows anyway? It’s not fair.”

Lane Cove resident Sam Wallace who was actually always going to vote “No” just to spite the left-wing and the ABC told the Advocate that this whole rainbow thing is the final straw.

“Congratulations Yes campaign. I really wanted to vote Yes but your persistent hassling and militant campaign have made me decide to vote No,” the 30-year-old mens rights activist posted on Facebook today.

Wallace, whose Facebook profile has an Australian flag filter and describes him as a warrior against Political correctness, is a reasonably proud Evangelical Christian who confirmed that he has actually spent a fair few days in his life knocking on people’s doors trying to preach the way of the lord to them.

“That’s spreading the word of our lord mate. It’s far less invasive than a rainbow, a pop song and a one off text message.”



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