Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has today surprised the media in his hometown of Tamworth by joining in on a celebration of Australian music – which is a traditionally left-wing thing to do.

However, the Member for The New England says he could not resist the opportunity to pay tribute to his favourite Campbelltown rapper, Kerser, who announced an early retirement from music this week after ten back-to-back number 1 albums.

“I had to pay tribute to the sickest” said Barnaby Joyce, as he unveiled his merchandise for #AusMusicTshirtDay

“Ever since I first heard ‘Highest Man’ while searching for roo shooting videos on YouTube in 2011… I’ve been hooked on King Kers”

Outside of the ARIA Awards and Splendour In The Grass, Australian Music T-Shirt Day is one of the biggest events in the Australian music calendar.

Australians are encouraged to wear their favourite band shirts in a celebration of local music; and in turn supporting the people who create music. From the guitar techs and roadies to the artists themselves – this event raises money for the bottom rung of the music industry who can often find themselves experiencing a fair few more dinner times than dinners, especially when things like lockout laws and pandemics directly disrupt their livelihoods without any government support.

Barnaby Joyce says it’s a good cause, and one that he’s willing to support given, especially considering the fact that Kerser has never officially received any radio play on Triple J or any accolades from the ARIAs.

“I think a lot of people from the bush see themselves in Kerser” said Barnaby Joyce.

“Cambpelltown isn technically the rural outskirts. It’s not too different from Tamworth. He raps about ice tearing apart communities and constantly being IGNORED by the elites in the big city!”

“I’m not talking out of my arse here, listen to the track ‘Kersers Is The Sickest’ and tell me this isn’t the greatest Australian poet since Banjo Paterson”

“This man’s lyricism brings to life the weatherboard and iron”

“And I hope he’s not done yet”

Visit the official Ausmusic T-Shirt Day website to make a donation. Every dollar counts, and every donation helps Support Act continue their vital work.


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