A local man who files fraudulent tax returns every year has thrown his support behind Pauline Hanson and her proposed ABC reforms.

The 63-year-old credit analyst from a reasonably small financial institution in Sydney’s Northern Beaches has told the Advocate today that he is “bloody fed up” with his hard earned taxpayer dollars being spent on the “communist institution” that is the ABC.

Although Brenton Bishop avoids paying every single dollar of tax he possibly can through falsity and deceit, he still feels like he personally is keeping the public broadcaster afloat.

“ABC Online? Don’t get me started. That’s a news website? Give me a friggen break mate, it’s just shithouse opinion pieces masquerading as news,” said the man who claimed a 5-week European holiday as an educational expense, by attending a one day conference.

“They shouldn’t even need a website to spill their rot. We should be funding them for TV and Radio and thats it, at the very most”

“Mate, it’s bloody rubbish. Good on Pauline and One Nation for really sticking it to those pricks. People like me pay for them to have a public platform to push their biased left wing agenda,” he said.

“Give me something like Miranda Devine or Andrew Bolt. Those guys don’t pull any punches. They just tell it like it is, or at least how I want to hear it”

Despite the fact the average Australian pays just over 10 cents a day for the privilege of news, entertainment and educational material across numerous platforms, Bishop works himself up to exploding point at the thought of how much this all costs him.

Hanson told the Advocate that although the ABC needs a major shake up, in order to stamp out the rampant bias within its various departments – he also somehow thinks he is responsible for the existence of Aboriginal people.

The firebrand said it’s not the fact that they accurately report upon her misusing taxpayer money in the form of electoral funds, or investigate her senators for criminal activity or even one of their staffers for numerous  counts of assault, but that they are always looking to push “radical left wing ideology.”

“If we don’t act now, before we know it Humpty Fucking Dumpy will be signing our kids up for the Socialist Alliance and Gemina will have them all asking their parents for gender reassignment surgery,” Hanson said.


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