Sydney’s premiere Murdoch rag has hit the ground running today, praising the Liberal NSW Government for their swift action in locking down the Northern Beaches ‘FOR THEIR OWN GOOD’ according to the front page.

This headline is noticeable more supportive of the NSW public health measures, when compared to the 100 or so ‘DICTATOR DAN’ headlines they ran during Melbourne’s lockdown.

However, the most noticeable difference is the coverage of the super spreaders who may be responsible for this outbreak.

You know, the people who ruined Christmas for the whole country.

A couple from Sydney’s northern beaches who were diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday were roaming the streets – allegedly prior to receiving their results.

The woman in her 60s and the man in his 70s allegedly did not isolate after getting tested, outraging health authorities.

The duo visited venues in Palm Beach and Avalon on Sunday and Monday while potentially infectious, which later prompted health alerts for anyone who also attended those venues to isolate and get tested.

Due to the monocultural demographics of the affluent region, it can be assumed that this couple would be of Anglo-Celtic origin – which means they will not have to endure being labelled an ENEMY OF THE STATE and having his identity plastered across the front page of the highest circulated newspaper in the state.

That’s according to representatives from Brisbane’s Courier Mail, a tabloid newspaper owned by NewsCorp – a media company that rose to prominence when it was found guilty of hacking the voicemails of dead British children.

Unlike the two African-Australian teenagers who brought COVID-19 back into Queensland in late July, this unnamed couple will just have to lay low until the government and media find some immigrants or public housing residents to blame for the outbreak.

When asked for comment on the issue, Northern Beaches MP and NSW Minister for Health Brad Hazzard refused to identify his voters, or even comment on their wildly irresponsible actions.

“I don’t think it was helpful and I would say to anybody in the health system you should respect the privacy of patients.” he said.


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