6 July, 2016. 10:35

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

Leaders of Australia’s renowned anarchist community have today urged fellow nihilists, insurgents, agitators and subversives to cherish the nation’s current lack of a Federal Government, as it looks like the ‘pigs-in-suits’ will able to resolve a balance of power in the next 12 hours.

56-year-old career Anarchist, Rebel Red, says the last two months have been ‘absolutely heavenly’.

“It’s been nine weeks with no Government in this country. You can’t write this shit ” he says.

“This is the stuff anarchists dream about. We didn’t even have to blow up any supply trucks or seize the means of production. This happened all within the bounds of democracy and capitalism,”

“Watching these political classes stumble through their eight week campaigns only to realise that their system has failed them was really quite a highlight of 2016 if I says so myself,”

Mr Red says that all Australian anarchists should make a point of getting outdoors and cherishing the lack of federal government before the failed system reboots.

“My advice to young anti-establishment enthusiasts is to make the most of this. It doesn’t happen that often, and when it does, it doesn’t take them long to justify starting all over again,”

“If a multinational corporation spent this long without a boss, their entire operation would have folde… That’s what we should be aiming for,”

“It’s a shame we still had to pay tax in the middle of all of us, though.”



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