4 July, 2016. 17:35

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Despite being a high-ranking ALP ‘executioner’ – Former Deputy Prime Minister and the Member For Grayndler, Anthony Albanese MP is secretly hoping that this current election will result in a majority LNP Government, it has been confirmed.

After getting a taste of the power as Rudd’s Deputy, ‘Albo’ was initially hoping that Prime Minister Turnbull was able to win the 2016 federal election by a landslide, in turn exposing the current leader of the opposition Bill Shorten to be an incompetent candidate for the Prime Ministership of an ALP Government.

This kind of result would have surely seen Mr Albanese promoted to the Leader of the Opposition.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate before the election, Albo said he had the utmost confidence that he would make the greatest Labor Prime Minister our country had ever seen.

“I’d be a combination of Hawkey’s aggression with Keating’s wit. Gillard’s sensitivities rolled in with Rudd’s sociopathic disregard for anyone but myself. I would lead this country in and out of wars with style and panache!” said the former houso kid from Sydney’s Inner-West

“My mother raised well so I am great with the grey army… They’d love me as their leader… Most of them don’t even know I’m Italian,”

“And I’ve still got enough of the hood in me to understand what it’s like on the street,”

“I am the quintessential everyman. Glory Glory to South Sydney”

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