Living overseas can be an amazing experience for Australians to learn a language and make friends from elsewhere in the world.

This has been the case for one worldly South Betoota finance professional, Clyde Milan (30).

After taking a job in London in 2016, Clyde has been lucky enough to travel across Europe for both work and travel over the last two years. He says the key for Australians living overseas is to keep an open mind and make friends with all walks of life.

However, in the midst of his worldliness, he still carries several remnants of the Australian cultural cringe that he is unable to avoid.

One, explaining to Europeans why the fuck Australian concertgoers make international musicians drink out of their shoes. As hard as he tries, he’s unable to normalise this awkward cultural phenomenon.

However, the hardest and most embarrassing thing to explain is what happened to the 17th Prime Minister of Australia, Harold Edward Holt.

Sitting in a French cafe in central Paris with a group of news friends, Clyde is unable to explain how Australia’s security and intelligence agencies were unable to simply ‘lose’ the most powerful Australian politicians one day in December 1967.

“I just don’t know what to tell you” says Clyde.

“We don’t know what happened to him. He went swimming in the ocean in Victoria and never came back”

“There was no signs of foul play. We just lost him. It’s quite embarrassing to be honest”

At time of press, Clyde was seen trying to explain why 80% of the Australian population made an effort to see the Queen of England in her first visit to the country in 1954.


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