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They’ve been playing the Simpson Desert music scene for a number of years now but for French Quarter surf-pop-rock outfit, The Gurning Goblins, success has always eluded them.

Until now.

Frontman Sock Davidson sat down exclusively with our least qualified and most unnecessary member of The Advocate‘s staff, the music reporter, to chat about the nipple of success they’ve recently found themselves suckling from.

“Yeah, weird metaphor, but I’ll take it,” said Sock.

“So yeah, bro. We basically just started singing clearly into the microphone. You know, like, loud and clear. I used to mumble a bit when I sang to make up for the fact I’m not Michael Hutchence, know what I’m saying?”

“That motherfucker could sing. Burn For You makes me naturally gurn. I can’t drive and listen to it at the same time. Anyway, for this new album, we just made a point of having some singing lessons, paying someone who isn’t a DJ mate to master the record and then we were away.”

The local quartet is playing a series of sold-out shows this weekend around town.

Interim Triple J music director, Tony Jones, is rumoured to be attending tonight’s show at the Heroin & Spoon Hotel in Betoota Heights.

Something that makes keyboard and kazoo operator, Goink Pearson, quite nervous.

“Fuck how good would it be if we got played on Triple J,” he said.

“Hope we impress Tony, his musical opinion of us will dictate whether I make a living out of music or if I’ll have to sell my Korg, throw the kazoo in the creek and get a job at the meatworks after this thing all blows over,”

“I’d like to do a tour, though. Doing the Darling Downs and the Warrego would be great.”

More to come.


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