Following the news that her last remaining Senator is not doing anything she tells him to do, Pauline Hanson has today declared she will continue to act in the interests of everyday Aussie battlers, who hate seeing political parties achieve things.

“Everyday Australians are sick of this” she said.

“After the Rudd, Gillard, Rudd years. They are starting to feel disillusioned with two major parties that have managed to keep the same leaders for over two years”

After being elected into the upper house with three other One Nation senators in the 2016 election, Pauline Hanson says she’s made a point of severing all relationships with any colleagues since then.

“It’s not about presenting yourselves as an organised, consistent political movement who can continue to grow off the back of divisive comments about minorities” she said.

“For me, it’s always been about in-fighting to the point where I end up doing the exact same thing I did 20 years ago”

Pauline says her party should be congratulated for being so unrefined that she has managed to lose four senators, even though she was only elected with three.

“My party even had a citizenship scandal. Don’t talk to me about being in touch with everyday Australians. One Nation is the only party that does exactly what they expect of us. Back-stabbing eachother to the point of non-existence”

“Everyday Australians are sick of proper politicians working together”


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