Everyday Australians are once again beating our chests with pride today, as the country that we have spent the last century trying to impress – continues to implode.

Just like every time there is a tragic school shooting, or another record breaks with daily COVID-19 deaths – Australians are looking on with a smirk, knowing that we aren’t THAT stupid.

This comes as, Donald Trump supporters in Washington DC broke into the Capitol building, before they began attacking police, smashing windows and knocking down doors to stop Congress’ vote to affirm Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential win.

Cranky white people made it into the House Chambers, where US politicians had to be evacuated, and also into the offices of some officials, before police took control of the situation, by letting them all go because they were mostly white Christians that have been radicalised by the major news networks and low-effort republican populism.

Australians by and large are sniggering at the embarrassing images coming out of the USA today, while also choosing to enact some blatantly obvious selective memory.

“Look at all those dumb hillbillies hehe” wrote one prominent Fairfax columnist on Twitter.

“Dear America, WHAT IS GOING ON?” wrote another ABC darling.

The Prime Minister has since reluctantly condemned the actions of these white ‘protestors’ who have been described as everything except treasonous terrorists.

However, the idea that a nation’s government building could be infiltrated by bunch of anti-intellectual rednecks who refuse to acknowledge infallible data that goes against their values, should not seem too foreign to Australians.

In 2016, far-right One Nation leader Pauline Hanson returned to Federal Politics with four upper house seats, including her own.

Since that time she has held the crucial balance of power in numerous senate votes, often opting to side against the class interests of her voters.

Similar to the people currently getting tear gassed in the US Capitol Building, Pauline and her senators (most of whom have defected) rose to prominence for choosing to not believe climate science, while also calling for the abolishment of Islam and the Family Law Court.

However, as of the last Queensland state election, it seems the novelty may have worn off for One Nation, after four years of wearing burkhas into the senate, blaming Muslims for white terrorism, and most recently, attempting to solicit money out of the American NRA in exchange for weakening Australian gun laws.

It appears the American voters may also no longer feel the same rush of excitement when Donald Trump and his supporters detest the ‘media elite’ that got them elected with the mere purpose of undermining democracy to the point where billionaires can live tax-free without any ethical obligations to humanity or the environment.



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