Just hours ago, the Australian Government’s SmartTraveller website has just updated its section on the east coast of the United States.

While there was already a ban on overseas travel due to the pandemic, the US page has been updated to include this warning for Australians already in Washington DC.

Due to violent protests in Washington DC, curfews are in place in the District of Columbia and Commonwealth of Virginia from 6pm on Wednesday 6 January to 6am on Thursday 7 January 2021.

You should avoid areas where protests are occurring due to the ongoing potential for violence.

This follows a day that looks to have almost surely seen the greater Republican Party severing ties with US President Donald Trump.

Trump held a rally in Washington DC earlier in the day, urging the crowd to convince Vice-President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 election result.

Congress then began a joint session, with Mike Pence presiding, to count the electoral college votes.

After Trump’s rally finished, the crowd left and some supporters stormed the US Capitol Building, which was placed in lockdown

The US Capitol Historical Society says this was the first time the Capitol has been physically broken into since 1814, when British soldiers stormed the space as part of the war of 1812. 

While many watching at home have been asking why on earth hundreds of white terrorists are able to storm inside the US Capitol building without facing any repercussions – police say that they must respect the citizen’s right to protest.

However, since this update, Washington D.C Police have upgraded the situation from a simple ‘protest’ to a ‘riot’.

This comes after several police officer spotted a black American man joining in on the protests, a development that saw journalists and commentators immediately remove the ‘peaceful’ tag from any commentary surrounding the demonstrations.

The US Army has not yet been approached for back up, however, Washington D.C police say they will have no hesitation to request military support if the tally of angry black men rises to the 3 – which is the universal benchmark for when riots transition into looting.

Despite the fact that this dramatic display of political unrest appears to be hinting towards an imminent civil war, no one has yet had a knee put on their neck for eight minutes.

If any Muslims arrive, it will be reclassified as ‘terrorism’.



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