After being criticised for their inability to consider and engage with the diverse and cross-cultural Australian audiences, the Australian public broadcaster has today declared their intention to ramp up the amount of content dedicated to white, left-leaning, mostly Melbourne based men cracking wisecracks behind a desk.

“We understand we might be missing a few marks with our white female comedy duo shows, so we have decided to zone in on one format that everyone likes” says ABC content director, Wyatt Elight.

“The white-inner-city-bloke-behind-a-desk-making-elitist-jokes-TV show just works. It’s huge with the migrant communities apparently. All those jokes about coffee and conservative voters. They love it”

“But it can’t just be any white inner city leftie bloke, they also have to be fiercely aggressive in their Twitter responses to and form of criticism”

The public broadcaster has today revealed that, following some consultation with low-ranking employees who grew up in working class areas around people of colour, their TV line up will consist of eight more John Oliver-style panel shows before 2019.

“This is a great format because we can justify using both ABC Comedy and ABC News budgets to fuel the egos of our 20-year-career caucasian male lifers”

It is believed that the first cab off the rank will be a cool panel type show where Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ McDougall sits at a desk and makes jokes about losers in the Australian music industry who never did as well his band did back when white dreadlocks were still a thing.


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