The first music festival of 2018 has technically taken place right around the country this month, as a prominent Australian music festival makes it’s way Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle.

Halfway through the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival tour, one Sydney-based middle-Gen-Y live music enthusiast has had to face a stark reality that she has been trying to push out of her mind all week.

As she sips her 6th and possibly last, possibly not last, apple cider – Lucy Hornsby anxiously checks the time on her phone.

“A couple more sets” she says, knowing full well that the event won’t be finishing until nearly midnight, and most of her friends have taken the day off tomorrow.

The ones who haven’t taken tomorrow off are the ones that no one even questions in their ability to back up. Lucy isn’t one of those kinda girls.

“These days, I only need a couple glasses of wine over a Sunday dinner and I’ll pull up lame on Monday” says the corporate events planner.

“It’s fucked”

While Anderson Paak makes his way through encores, apparently there is some other band that everyone came to see about to open on the main stage.

As they make their way over to the War On Drugs, Lucy has a terrifying reminder.

As a result of the blazingly hot and long summer days, Lucy confused 5pm for 1pm, and shared a bit of fun with a friend not long ago.

“I thought it was earlier in the day. All of a sudden the sun was setting” she says nervously.

“I guess I’ll just have to ride this out. Slowly drink my way out of it.”

“I should be fine [sighs]”



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