A late 90s kid who’s parents knows he smokes ciggies after school at the Wintergarden foodcourt has made it clear that his new studded white leather belt is more than just a brand name accessory.

It’s a way of life.

While skipping through 28 Days songs on his Sony Discman, the blonde tipped fashion-wary high schooler named Seth Cottee (16) points out that the label on his belt is one that connects with hundreds of thousands of frustrated pre-internet teenagers around the country.

The brand is SMP, a popular Californian skatewear line that made it’s way to Australia in 1991 and reached it’s zenith in just before the twin towers fell.

“It has a few meanings” says Seth.

“Surf more pipes is a big one”

“Skate more parks”

At least that’s what he’s telling his parents. Little does mum know that after weeks of being begged to take him to the local City Beach outlet to buy this item, she had effectively been duped into letting her son wear a swearword around his waste for the next 18 months.

“[haha] there’s a few other ones”

“Smoke more pot” he says, while looking over his shoulder to see if any adults that might know his mum are listening.

“[lowered voice] sex more prostitutes”

While Seth rattles off the commonly-accepted x-rated acronyms, that the clever marketing team at SMP refuse to confirm or deny, it becomes clear that he too had Scarface-like ambitions for himself.


“ahem…” Seth clears his throat.

“Sex, Money, Power”

“That’s the main one”



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