21 January, 2016 14:05


Footage obtained by the Hobart Mercury earlier today shows Independent Tasmanian senator, Jacqui Lambie, involved in a physical dispute over sale items with other shoppers in a Kmart outlet in her hometown of Burnie, in the state’s north coast.

The video, which has since been removed from social media, shows Lambie grappling with several other women as she attempts to leave the store’s ‘bargain bin’ display with a highly discounted pink blouse.

A screenshot from a bystanders video show Ms Lambie in a physical confrontation over a pink blouse
A screenshot from a bystanders video show Ms Lambie in a physical confrontation over a pink blouse

The former Palmer United senator could be heard shrieking a range of lower class insults to the other shopper who had confronted her over who saw it first.

“Give it here ya dog,” screamed Ms Lambie.

“Hand it over ya dumb bitch. I seen it first ya dog”

In the two minute recording, which was filmed by shocked bystanders, Jaqui Lambie can be seen applying a ‘sleeper hold’ to another young mother, in front of her children.

“I learned this in the army. Don’t make me put ya to sleep ya mole.”

“Youse gonna hand it over or what?”

The outlets manager, Jahryleigh Tyson-Barker, spoke to The Advocate via the phone shortly after the incident.

“This isn’t the first time Jacqui’s come in here and done that,”

“Her cousins and her always come in ‘ere and fuck around during the January sales,”

“We thought she might give it a miss this year, you know with the whole Canberra thing. But she was in town, and she really wanted that top,”

A spokesperson for Senator Lambie – her 19-year-old second cousin – Jayyden Lambie says the senator makes no apologies for her behaviour earlier today and that ‘them other mob’ are just jealous because of her unusually powerful position in Australian politics.

“That bird was a Thompson. We all know that mob are fuckin’ ferals. They are just jealous and that.”

Ms Lambie is scheduled to return to Canberra tomorrow morning.

To see our exclusive interview with Senator Lambie, watch the video below.



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