4 December, 2015 11:05


About 100 heavily-armed police – with negotiators – in Melbourne’s CBD worked towards keeping a crowd of nearly 1000 Dutch-Australians calm during a “Reclaim New Holland” rally this morning.

There was no violence in Melbourne, unlike the scuffles on Saturday at a similar rally in Brisbane and arrests at a rally between clashing protesters in Sydney yesterday.

 At 11am the right-wing anti-Anglicisation group, Reclaim New Holland, began hosting guest speakers who riled up the rowdy mob with sentimental examples of why Australia is more Dutch than Australian.
“Look at our youth here in New Holland… They love marijuana, public sex and violence. THEY ARE DUTCH!” one guest speaker roared in a traditional Dutch-Australian accent that sounds like Sean Connery with Bell’s Palsy.
“We’ve seen it in South Africa, we’ve seen it in the USA and we’ve seen it here!,” screamed another overweight protestor by the name of Simon van der Ploop
“The English do not assimilate! They come to countries like this and try to force us to live like they do,”
The mostly-young protesters chanted: “Say It Loud, Say It Clear, The English Crown Is Not Welcome Here,”
The Reclaim New Holland movement has grown vastly over the last several years, following the appointment of two UK-born Australian Prime Ministers – one of made clear his intentions of knighting the Queen of England’s husband Prince Phillip – Before being overthrown.
“Gillard, Abbott… They were puppets to the crown. They were born in the United Kingdom. This is not England!” shouted another Dutch-Australian by the name of Noah Van Arkel, who proudly wore a shirt that featured the Australian Dutchman’s lament: ‘Ripping Bongs since Hartog’.
“The Dutch were here first… Well, were here before the English and that’s what counts. This is OUR country”
“Just look what they done to our Afrikaans brothers and sisters in South Africa and Rhodesia. We don’t want ’em here. Fuck off, we’re full!”


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