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CANADIAN PSEDUO-CROONER Michael Bublé has the air con pumping and the fan blades spinning this time or year. Family Christmases across the country are punctuated with open ended questions from mothers, aunts, grandmothers and sisters. Some ask if anybody else is hot? Others just declare that “it’s just too fucking hot in here”.

At any other time of the year, the cause for these “hot flushes” is often chalked up as a symptom of  menopause – a condition that effects 1 out of every 1 Australian woman at some stage of their life.

However, Victor Harbour mum of four Denise Gabriel says she had to get the aircon re-gassed in her car after picking up the latest Bublé Christmas album. She admits that the only place she’s able to enjoy the British Columbian’s docile tones is in the privacy of her late model Toyota.

“Before he even starts singing, I can feel one coming on,” says the happy-go-lucky 52-year-old. “I can turn my car in to an igloo if I want. But that’s just what I need.”

Medical experts agree that over the Christmas period especially, a perfect storm for hot flushes exists as when holiday stress and warm weather combined with Bublé’s “contented growl”, the outcome is almost guaranteed.

“There’s a great deal of evidence to suggest that nearly all hot flushes experienced by Australian women during the festive season are caused by Michael Bublé,” said Dr Carl Douglas, an experienced podiatrist from Melbourne’s south-east. “I’m no expert, but whenever my wife put’s Bublé on during the summer, I find myself agreeing that it is hot, even when it’s not.”


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