Perth mayor Basil Zempilas is committed to the social cleansing of Western Australia’s capital city, as the reactionary celebrity politician moves to get relocate every poor or poor looking person from anywhere remotely near the CBD.

This comes as Basil Zempilas also moves to remove women’s shelters from the city, after the toffs of inner-city Perth legitimately complained about to council about the low-socio-economic status of the at-risk women that use the Safe Night Space programme in their efforts to escape domestic violence and homelessness.

Zempilas is refusing to back down against women’s safety groups and decent human beings who think that putting the lives of older women and young mothers at risk to prioritise the property value of Perth’s inner city homeowners is pretty fucking low.

These tone deaf and elitist attacks on society’s most vulnerable comes in the midst of a horror Australian news cycle, where on average nearly one women dies a day at the hands of violent partners or men known to them.

This has caused even the WA Housing and Homelessness Minister John Carey to publicly disagrees with the Lord Mayor.

“Given the current environment, now is not the time for a critical service like the Safe Night Space to be closed,” he said.

However, Basil won’t stop. Perhaps because he’s not acting in the interests of society, or even the community, but simply because he’s only in the job to keep a very very powerful set of certain people happy.

The former WAFL player, who really hasn’t done much with his career outside of commentating Aussie Rules, was elected as Perth mayor at the height of lockdowns in 2020 with the support of 12% of eligible voters after a coordinated media campaign orchestrated by the lackeys of billionaire Western Australian media tycoon Kerry Stokes, who owns Channel 7 as well as the most highly circulated newspaper in the state, who literally used mid-match AFL broadcast commentary and live horserace coverage to promote the candidacy of this politically inexperienced convicted drunk driver.

But Basil isn’t stopping at vulnerable women. He wants the povo public transport commuters gone too.

“We’ve had up to 75 complaints about the anti-social behaviour of certain people using buses” said the mayor.

“Sorry, but I’m listening to the community. The bus stops have to go. They were only a trial anyway”


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