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As today officially marks ‘Black Friday’, people all around the nation are helping themselves to savings of up to 80 percent, including some super sweet deals at the local supermarket.

Speaking to some shoppers exiting the Betoota Ponds Woolworths, our reporter learns that the supermarket giant is surprisingly having some deals too – despite there being no advertising or signage regarding the matter.

However, according to local woman Anita Bennett, both Woolworths and Coles are actually having ‘secret Black Friday sales’, which you can only access using their self serve checkouts.

She reveals the secret to scoring up to 90% off fresh produce to our reporter.

“See these nuts?”, she says, showing Effie a bag that appears to be filled with roughly 1kg of macadamias, “only $4!”

“Or should I say, ‘washed potatoes’, she adds, with a giggle.

Showing our reporter some of her other scores, including some prawns for $5, Anita says she plans on making the most of these deals for as long as she can.

“Fuck these price gouging assholes.”

“I don’t need clothing deals, I need cheaper fucking groceries.”

More to come.


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