14 June, 2016. 17:25

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

A ginger-headed woman dressed in a black skivvy and bright red blazer has today criticised our migrant population for not immediately assimilating into Australian society.

Speaking to her nephew’s iPhone camera today, The softly spoken megaphone of Australian racism, Pauline Hanson, has come to the defence of the thousands of other Australian’s who dress like they are playing background extras in the widely panned 1982 American musical romantic comedy film, Grease 2.

“We need to protect Australian culture from a 1.6 billion-strong diaspora of thousands of different nationalities and religious sects,” said Ms Hanson, leader of the far-right anti-multiculturalist political party, One Nation.

“These people do not assimilate to everyday Australia,”

Throughout her two and a half minute tirade of vitriolic and racist stereotyping, the former fish and chip store owner from Ipswich spoke out against her newest enemy. A culture that she says spruiks racist and vitriolic sentiments towards people who enjoy wearing skivvys and blazers.

“We need to look after our own backyard first” she said in her timid, grandmotherly voice that many people have described as the “Australian Siri”.

“I will fight for the Australian way of life! Enough is enough” she finished the video with, before adjusting her gold and ruby coloured broach.

The video was well received by the fear-driven grandparents and at-risk youths who ‘liked’ it on Facebook.




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