15 June, 2016. 10:05

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The Nine network are in hot water this morning after a viewer disproved an ever-present promo line that claimed “you’ll never guess what happens next”.

Nepean resident, and mother of 4, Nancy Burkowitz is suing the network over the false claims after a promo for popular David Attenborough program ‘The Hunt’ displayed a polar bear while issuing the above challenge.

Nancy told the Betoota Advocate, “I knew straight away what was going to happen next. This polar bear looked farkin starving, and he was a stone’s throw from a god damn pod of earless harp seals”.

Ms Burkowitz claims she picked the resulting slaughter before the program had even started. “I turned to my son Keith and I go, ‘he’ll fucken have them’ and then 20 minutes later, what do you know”

The long-time viewer then expressed her disappointment with the network.

“I’m just gutted. What’s next, a reno show without rumbling? I feel cheated and dirty, so I reckon they should pay”
Channel Nine CEO Hugh Marks (not to be confused with 2001 NSW Origin fullback Mark Hughes) released a statement insisting foul play.

“We have the most brilliant minds in Australian broadcast television working on algorithms to ensure this kind of thing never happens. Guessing what happens next is virtually impossible. Either she is rain woman or she knows someone on the inside and we have ourselves a rat”

Nancy is suing for $200k and a start on ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ – although she serves as inspiration for the thousands of remaining mainstream television viewers around the country.

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do anything,” she says

“Thats my advice to the young people. Never say never.”


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