9 January, 2016 15:45


NSW Premier Mike Baird and his close friend, NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione were by far among the most lively at a mid week Hillsong gathering in Baulkalm Hills last night, that’s according to the onlookers who were able to sneak a photographs of them.

It is believed Baird, who lists himself as as a devout Anglican in an attempt to appeal to his core North Shore Liberal party voters, is partial to joining the Scipione family on their Tuesday evening and Saturday morning sessions at the Hillsong church.

“It’s just great fun,” said Baird, who spoke to the ABC earlier this morning.

“I mean, this is what modern day Sydney is all about. You don’t need Alcohol to have fun,”

“And no, for the record, I wasn’t drunk in that photo… I was just in a state of euphoria from the singing and father Houston’s sermon [laughter]”

Mr Scipione, who has actually admitted to handing out bibles at the NSW Police training centre in Goulburn, also fronted the media this morning, where he told journalists that going to church is the safest way to have fun in Sydney.

“Forget nightclubs. We want our young people to stay safe – and there are no assaults in places of worship,” says Police Commissioner Scipione, who is one of the loudest supporters of Sydney’s lock-out laws.

“Well, ahhh… No violent assaults any way. None that really involved alcohol,”

When asked what other kinds of assaults who could be referring to, Mr Scipione said he was unable to comment on the happenings of a Royal Commission, but was quick to vocalise his intentions to support the lock-out laws in their upcoming review.

“Generation Y need to be more focused on buying houses, it’s a lot harder for them and they shouldn’t be spending all their money on take-away bottles of wine after 10pm,”

“They need to focus on other things, we don’t need to be dealing with them punching each other either,”

“Hillsong has been a great outlet for my kids, it really provides a great space for them to socialise and have fun without leaving the Hills District,”

“There’ll be no lock out on the timeless joy brought to the world by Jesus Christ!”




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