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An explicit film that was directed and produced by one of Australia’s most controversial filmmakers has been given the all clear to continue being shown during school hours, despite homoerotic themes and a blatant pro-same-sex parenting agenda.

Federal Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne has spoken to The Betoota Advocate today, about why the 2004 epic biblical drama film, The Passion Of The Christ, is important viewing for Australian students.

“It’s a film that our Government feels is very relevant to our young nation,”

“A groundbreaking film about a community of sun-fearing peasants that lived in the Middle-East over two thousand years ago. [Prime Minister Abbott] is a big fan of this story,”

“It’s already being shown in most progressive Catholic schools, but ideally we would like to see this story shared with every student in every school around the country,”

However, the film has also been criticized for it’s glamourization of same-sex parenting and its extremely violent ending.

Liberal Senator, Cory Bernardi spoke to the Daily Telegraph this morning, about the need for this film to be banished from all high-schools around the country.

“I’ve seen the film, it’s sickening,” said the author of Australia’s first ever political manifesto, The Conservative Revolution.

“It’s a film about a carpenter named Joe who is pressured into raising a son with another man,”

“The whole story pretty much consists of Joe telling the other bloke how much he loves him,”

“The film doesn’t seem to draw correlations between same-sex parenting and the fact that their son ended up being arrested and executed after a lifelong opposition to authority figures,”

“The kid was not raised in a healthy environment, he ended up living with twelve blokes who were all in love with him… At least they kept telling him that,”

“It is a very homoerotic story, and it’s not safe to be showing it to kids. We want safer schools not gay and confused schools”

This film follow the 2014 drama that saw the NSW education department demand that schools stop showing Gayby Baby, a documentary about same-sex parenting, during school hours.

The decision came after media reports that parents from a range Sydney high schools were upset that the film would be forced down their children’s throats.

Gayby Baby, directed by Maya Newell, follows four children raised by same-sex parents. The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday that the most important lobby group in the country, the parents of high schoolers, had complained after the north-west Sydney school principal announced the screening, saying.

Mike Baird is yet to comment on whether or not The Passion Of The Christ will also be banned in NSW schools, but it is expected any state government that pushes to have this story removed from school curriculums will be met with backlash from Fred Nile.


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