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A Betootan engineering student on his first overseas trip (excluding Bali) is acting like he has just shown the European country of Greece how to party.

The local legend at the Betoota University of Technology (BUT) is finishing up a 21 day Contiki tour of Europe and told The Advocate that it has been a hell of a trip.Despite following in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of

Despite following in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of Aussies and Kiwis before him, the self-titled “engibeer” has been carrying on like he has drunk harder than anyone has before him.

“Oh mate, let me tell you. My liver is actually fucked aye,” Evan Rolston reportedly told another traveller at a hostel in Athens yesterday.

Despite not being able to anatomically locate where his liver is, Rolston said he is going to need a new one when he get’s back to his Mum’s house in the affluent Suburb of East Betoota.

Although hostels in Europe are full of people from all walks of life who regularly partake in drinking alcohol, Rolston has been chewing people’s ears off with his “seriously fucked up” stories.

“How was Prague you ask? Hahahahah mate, I can’t fucken [sic] tell ya. It was good I think. What I remember of it anyway. It’s pretty much a blur to be honest,” he told The Advocate.

Although sources close to Rolston confirmed other female travellers he met along the way found him obnoxious and repulsive, he has remained ambiguous in his “legit” stories about some sexual interactions he had along the way.


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