The entire world is today rattled to learn that a seedy-looking old Hollywood billionaire has been accused of acting kind of seedy around female Hollywood stars.

The independent film mogul Harvey Weinstein has today been sacked from the Weinsten Company amid the sexual harassment storm that has rocked Hollywood.

In a statement, the Weinstein Company announced that the alleged harasser had been “terminated”, effective immediately after being accused of being a megacreep to hot chicks who felt pressured into pleasing him because he could effectively ruin their careers with one phone call.

Weinstein has been under fire over the weekend, following a devastating New York Times report documenting decades of legal settlements stemming from sexual harassment allegations levelled by former employees and associates, as well as accusations of improper sexual advances from actor Ashley Judd.

“I can’t believe that one of the most influential men in one of the most piggish industries in the world has been acting like a pig” said one Betoota movie-enthusiast, Dave (plumber, 58)

“It’s almost like he thinks he can get away with this kind of behaviour”

Karen (beautician, 37), another big Weinstein movie fan says she can’t believe a man that has essentially been able to live above the law for forty years with access to the impressionable aspiring-starlets and a track record for hedonism would have done this.

“What the hell. I thought he was a gentleman” she says.

Weinstein has maintained that he will be able to keep his career-momentum moving forward, like President Trump did after a recording of him admitting to sexual assault was leaked just six weeks out of getting elected.

“This doesn’t surprise me at all” says Donald Trump, who was quick to condemn the actions of the well known Clinton supporter.



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