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Atoning for Friday on Saturday is nothing compared to paying the price for Saturday on Sunday.

That’s according to one local graphic designer, who threw caution to the wind over the weekend and drank Friday through Sunday night.

“I feel fine,” said Gregor Redpath, a recent graduate of Collins Street Polytechnic in the Old City District.

“Which is weird because I felt like I was going to die on Sunday morning but I just got back on it with the boys after lunch,”

“We finished pretty early, wrapped things around midnight last night. Got up this morning and I feel pretty fresh. Might’ve got away with this one! [ laughs] hopefully, anyway.”

Overhearing the 23-year-old draftsman’s comments was his manager, who’s got a few more years of life under his belt.

Fast approaching 40, Gregor’s boss, Martin Waterford, told The Advocate that ‘life’ will catch up with his junior colleague.

“I’ll bet you $10 right now that tomorrow young Gregor will be having a Pad Thai and a can of Coke for lunch, [laughs]”

“He’ll question whether he even likes being a graphic designer. He’ll wonder if he should just pull the eject lever and move to London. That’s what drugs and alcohol do to young people, I used to be a young person, you know?”

“Tomorrow I don’t expect big things from him. If he turns up, I’ll be happy enough. Gregor is about to learn for the fiftieth time in his short life what terrible Tuesdays are.”

More to come.


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