An ambitious local man has been campaigning on-and-off for several years now with a self-given nickname that suggests he is at the top of the food chain in his social circle.

When asked where his nickname came from, Stuart Williams just shrugs and says “everyone calls me it”

“Because it’s true”

The 28-year-old online butcher sales rep has even gone as far as talking in third-person in a pathetic attempt at having his ideal moniker take off.

“Make way for the big dog” he says as he arrives back from the bar to a table of mates carrying one beer for himself.

According to Oxford Dictionary, in working class Australian culture, ‘Big Dog’ is a descriptive term for an important person. It is also a term to describe an extremely large and unnecessary vehicle, such as a Toyota Hilux SR5 Double-cab.

Stuart’s mates, who have are acutely aware of his 18-month-drought from intimate relations with the opposite sex, are quick to remind Stuart that while they aren’t certain which of their mates is the big dog, it certainly isn’t him.

“That’s such a not-big-dog thing to say” retorts the smart-alec who once aspired to play professional AFL until he briefly moved to Melbourne and realised how deep their talent pool was.

“I’m the big dog. Everyone knows it”



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