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The Office of the President has released a statement earlier today that declared the images of President Trump looking directly at this week’s solar eclipse to be doctored fakes.

Donald Trump’s team made the explosive allegations during a Washington press conference where they released the unaltered images that showed the president wearing protective eyewear.

“Those images are not authentic, they are fake,” said White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“We have released our own real images that prove that the President was wearing the appropriate eye protection during the eclipse,”

“That will be all, thank you guys.”

Nonetheless, a number of internet sleuths have hit back at the White House, saying that the images they released are ‘obviously fake’ and ‘obviously doctored’.

“It looks like they got photoshopped in Microsoft Paint,” said one Twitter user.

“Literally! It looks like South Park.”

The Advocate reached out to The White House for comment, but only received an envelope with a white powder in it with a metallic taste.

More to come.


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