A local bloke, who was barely even a teenager when John Howard was voted out of power, has today regurgitated his conservative father’s drunken golf rant that suggests the former Prime Minister was the greatest Australian leader in modern history.

It is not yet known to the other punters at the Lord Kidman hotel why Hunter Bligh (22) feels the need to ruin a perfectly good piss up with weird political conversations, but the fact he is wearing a sleeveless puffy jacket with a checkered shirt says enough.

The former half-back for one of the most prestigious private schools in Western Queensland has paired his ‘concrete cowboy’ look with a pair of khaki chinos and dark brown dress boots – the type of outfit usually reserved for young Australian men who are confident they will never have to join the military and fight unnecessary wars in the Middle East.

“Mate” he says.

“Easily the best Prime Minister. He really gave it to those unions and wouldn’t get pushed around by the outrage professionals. He was a true politicians”

Throughout his rant about “scum Labor” and “union grubs”, the aspiring cryptocurrency broker begins to sound like he is just flat out making stuff up, as no one around him is old enough to clarify some of the bold claims he is making about John Howard’s political career.

In his lengthy explanation of how shit every other Prime Minister has been, Mr Bligh is quick to reference to the 1997 gun reform, which draws nods from the extremely bored people listening to him.

“Mate, name me one Labor government who could have pulled that thing off”

While appearing to talk from ‘life experience’ when discussing trade laws and tax breaks, Hunter is yet to reveal that he still lives at home and refuses to pay rent to his valium-addled parents because he needs to save for a new start-up idea.



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