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A prominent business owner from a nice family phoned The Advocate this morning to tell of how his hangover was made much more manageable by a Wallabies victory this morning in Argentina.

Jake Munro, a 23-year-old finance student, said that he and a few friends got ‘a little rowdy’ last night after the Betoota Gold Cup Races yesterday – but he made sure to set an alarm to catch the game.

“The end score doesn’t reflect the quality of the game, it was brilliant,” he said in the middle of his unsolicited phone call.

“But yeah, the guys played really well. It’s good to see. The Pumas really stuck it to them as well, it certainly didn’t look easy out there,”

“They all looked rooted by the end of it. Solid result moving forward, good to see Genia getting his passing back on track. Foley’s left boot might need a bit of polish but none the less, a great game.”

As for the rest of the day, Munro said he’s got half a mind to take his etchell out on Lake Yamma Yamma this afternoon for a bit of fun, but that’s ‘only if there’s enough wind’.

The Wallabies 37-20 win earns them a bonus point heading into next week’s showdown with the All Blacks in the River Capital.

Though that game is a non-championship game, meaning the bonus point isn’t a salient issue.

However, it does boost the boys in gold to finish second place in the Rugby Championship behind New Zealand; something worse savouring says Munro.

More to come.


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