A local boardrider has broken surfie protocol today by casually walking through the sand towards the ocean, without making a big deal.

Nearby beachgoers say his lack of pace confused everyone.

“I got a bit suspicious” said one lifeguard, Joe.

“Whats his go? No one just walks into the ocean, you’ve got to do a really dramatic sprint while flicking you hair heaps”

What was initially thought to be some sort of Instagram modelling exercise soon became very real, as the local bloke just continued walking into the surf until he was waist deep – at which point he began paddling on his board.

“I don’t get it. Is he going fishing or something” said a local mother, who thought she better keep her kids away from all of this.

“Why would he do that? Everyone says he’s a local boy but I don’t think so”

“For one, he’s arrived at the beach alone without the mandatory three other friends, and he’s just walked like a normal person into the water without making a big deal or yelling”

Friends of the surfie say that they don’t want to make a big deal about this because he’s been going through some stuff recently and hasn’t been himself of late.



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