Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin looks set to retain the Russian Presidency in New Year if early polling is a fair indicator.

In the wake of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, many have been suspicious of traditonal polls.

However, Professor of Russian Affairs at the Australian National University, Alan Neverov, said that Putin is widely expected to win.

“Well yes. Considering that Putin has just had the only candidate running against him, Alexei Navalny, banned from running for President, I think he is a fairly strong chance,” he said.

“I guess if you wanted to put it simply. Putin is going to shit it in.”

Neverov told The Advocate that Russia has a slightly different version of democracy to Australia.

“Yeah so you see, in Russia, they call them elections, and they call it democracy, but Putin is the President until he decides otherwise.”

Neverov said that while there might be “some protests and stuff” – ultimately that will not deter Vladimir Putin from once again taking what his rightfully his.

“Put it this way. The water cannons and tear gas make a lot bigger statement than placards and rhyming chants”

More to come.


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