President Donald Trump has today turned his attention to another hostile overseas region that has been the centre of anti-American, anti-Authoritative rhetoric.

The former-reality TV host and current world leader has said that he’s received intelligence about a prominent figure in Queensland’s South-East corner that has been making wild threats of hostility towards outsiders.

“I have received word that well known figures in Logan, Queensland have been threatening aggression to not just us, but his own people” said Trump.

The man responsible for these claims is a part-time graffiti artist, full-time bean slinger by the name of ‘Fingo’.

“Fuck the cops. Fuck the government. Fuck the ticket inspectors. I’ll bomb any cunt” said Fingo through a vertical Facebook video last week.

“Fuck Trump. I’ll bomb that cunt too if he wants to go”

The President has responded quickly to these comments, saying America will not be made to bow to criminal dictators.

“I don’t know much about this so called ‘Fingo’ man. But I will be advising my military on ways to handle these threats” he said.

This comes just days after the President dropped the largest non-nuclear warhead in existence on an ISIS stronghold in regional Afghanistan.

It also begs the question as to whether he might be taking international hostility a bit to sensitively.

Just yesterday, Trump warned North Korea that they ‘gotta behave’ as the US agreed to the early deployment of a missile defence system in the region.

Asked about his next move after Pyongyang’s failed missile launch on Sunday, the US president said: ‘You’ll see’.

Expanding on Mr Trump’s remarks, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the President would not be ‘drawing lines in the sand over rising tensions in the Korean peninsula, or whatever is going on down in Logan”.


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