19 April, 2017. 17:34

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You’d be mistaken for thinking ‘Moree Man’ was the next comic book hero to be brought to the silver screen, but you wouldn’t be too far wrong.

Left on the cutting room floor of the BBC’s groundbreaking nature documentary Planet Earth II, was a rare courtship display filmed by the British crew which showed a husky, but handsomely svelt young man spitting rum and coke on potential mate – a local custom.

“It was incredible,” said BBC producer Alan Rochford.

“We’d read about it, the rum spitting courtship. On a whim, we travelled to Moree to try to capture this moment – and we did. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t make the final cut, but it should appear as a DVD extra.”

Depicted in the lost footage was Josh Watson, son of a local diesel mechanic and high school teacher.

His large frame and towering height to his advantage, the retired 29-year-old hooker consumed the last of his seventh tankard of Bundy and coke and spat it across the public bar – showing scores of young ladies in the sticky pheromone.

“Fuck he’s a pig,” said Sally Watkins, a local solicitor.

“If my brother was here and he saw that, Josh’d fitting on the floorboard while the barman called for the air ambulance. I’m talking some serious brain bruising here, my brother’s been in the pen. He wouldn’t be the same bloke when he woke up, that’d be for sure.”

Despite this, Watson dismissed the obvious disgust people have with being spat on as a joke.

“My grandfather spat rum people, my father spat rum on people, now I spit rum on people,” he said.

“Grow up fuck ya.”

More to come.


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