The militant supporters of Donald Trump have taken his advice today and are refusing to let this horrible virus dominate their lives.

President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returned to the White House on Monday evening, where he took his mask off and gave his die-hards a double thumbs up – before violating social distancing measures in public buildings by walking through the doors unmasked.

The White House physician earlier on Monday said, “He’s up and back to his old self” – which has been met with cheers from his voter base, who were briefly worried that he might not live long enough to lose to Joe Biden in a rigged election.

However, as Monday night’s propaganda video confirms, Trump is recovering well enough from COVID-19 to pose for the cameras on the front balcony of the White House, while only slightly wincing from each breathe he takes.

But he’s only a few days into his diagnosis with COVID-19, a novel disease that doctors are still learning how best to treat. And, medical experts say, he may still be in a danger zone.

At Monday’s press briefing, though largely optimistic about the president’s condition, his physician, Sean Conley, said he “may not be out of the woods yet.”

These grave warnings have been lost on his supporters, who are now completely convinced that their obese, 74-year-old President is tough enough to defeat this virus that they refused to believe was real right up until Trump admitted to testing positive to it.

However, infectious disease physicians say even patients with COVID-19 who have mild symptoms at first can suddenly worsen, with many pointing to the late Herman Cain, who was exactly the same age as Trump when he passed away last month, after showing good signs of recovery a couple days into his diagnosis.

Boris Johnson was also looking well at this point into his diagnosis. He was then later put on a ventilator, where he was met with only 50% chance survival.

He is 18 years younger than President Trump.



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