Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to berate American basketball superstar Lebron James, following an online spat that saw James has lash out at the President for trying to “divide us as people” – as he defended the NFL players who dropped to one knee during the national anthem.

Donald Trump has said that while he acknowledges Lebron James’ natural talent as a sportsman, the Cavaliers icon’s decision to question the Trump Presidency has changed his perspective on him dramatically – especially while he had him confused him for Dennis Rodman – and was quick to accuse him of sympathising with North Korea.

“Lebron James often seen in same room as Rocket Man… Nuthing suss?” said Trump in a tweet.

“He disrespects our flag because he is a North Korean sleeper cell! So Sad! Once great”

This comes after hundreds of NFL players, along with coaches and even some owners, joined in silent protest at games on the weekend, after Mr Trump said any NFL player that did not stand during the anthem was a “son of a bitch” who should be “fired”.

Trump’s obvious confusion surrounding what this talented black man actually does for a living has opened him up to criticism from his own voter base, who despite everything they love about their leader, can’t imagine having a President who doesn’t know who Lebron James is.

“[Lebron James] once a great player. But now washed up! So Sad! Big part of why NFL ratings are so low- no one wants to watch him play football!”

Trump’s behaviour towards both North Korea and the massive sporting franchises across his own country has been labelled ‘erratic’ – as many analysts suggest that the the 45th and current President of the United States might have bitten off more than he can chew by targeting sports superstars and the much more important businessmen that own their teams.

Mr Trump said his call for players to be sacked was about “respect for our flag”, not race, but James said the President was being divisive.


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