The same sex marriage postal survey has been a spectacularly expensive and non-binding way for corporations to make some coin by voicing their opinion on the matter to the Australian public, the majority of whom already support marriage equality according to polls.

From Coke rainbow cans, to 42 Below Vodka’s polarising adverts it seems most of corporate Australia is willing to weigh in on this issue.

Not immune from this is Aussie hardware icon Bunnings, who announced that this weekend only, they will be selling ‘double sausage’ sandwiches at many of their stores with the proceeds going to LGBTQ charities working hard to protect the mental health of people being dehumanised by religious lobbyists in ad campaigns right across the country.

“I think it’s great,” said Steve Gormley a Betoota landscaper and proud gay man.

“I’m doing all my supply shopping at Bunnings now.”

It has since been revealed that Steve already did all his supply shopping at Bunnings, since local independent hardware shops were driven out of business by the hardware giant years ago.

Unlike Steve, not all are happy about the news.

“What’s next?” said retiree Gordon Blackstock. “Am I not going to be able to buy straight nails there? Am I gonna get laughed at when I’m buying a stud detector?”

Since the announcement, the Bunnings Facebook page has been alight with furious discussion, some of it coming from the queer community who are skeptical of Bunnings true intentions.

“They’re just jumping on the bandwagon,” said SSM activist Helen Jeffries. “Plus, it only applies for gay men. I’m a lesbian, what am I supposed to order? Two pieces of bread?”



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