Not even a week after Donald Trump dedicated his President’s Cup golfing trophy to the victims of Hurricanes in Puerto Rico, the most powerful political figure in the free world has joined his Republican colleagues in sending condolences to the victims of the largest mass-shooting in the history of the United States of America.

It is believed the airdrop of emergency thoughts and prayers landed on the Las Vegas strip at 20:35 pm GMT-7 – and was deployed from a military aircraft sent almost immediately after the President received the news that another bunch of innocent people had been senselessly murdered by a previously law-abiding gun owner.

Not one elected or appointed official in the entire Trump administration has mentioned the possibility of altering gun laws to prevent mentally unstable white men from raining a barrage of bullets on an outdoor country music festival from 32 stories in the air.

However, their thoughts and prayers have been greatly appreciated by the friends and families of the 59 people murdered and further 500 that were injured.

Political analysts say the fact that Trump has dedicated less commentary to the Las Vegas massacre in the last 24 hours than he did to a football match last week is purely due to how much time he has dedicated to sending thoughts and prayers to the citizens killed by domestic terrorism.






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