Even though she has explicitly admitted to the fact that the workmates she socialises with are not good company outside of work, it looks like Friday night is booked out by some sort of shit staff event that your girlfriend insists will be good.

A recent report by the Australian Unions has found that a majority of the surveyed partners of career-driven females admit to having to spend time around annoying old blokes that they wouldn’t consider a relationship with outside of work if it was their job.

The respondents ranged in ages and were taken from a sample of both same-sex and opposite-sex partners who really can’t be fucked going to mini-golf for a work family day this weekend.

It is believed that this recurring, nation-wide finding, is a direct result of the tolerance held by Australian females to begin with – and that if they can put up with your whingeing arse, then a chirpy Christian from accounts isn’t really that much of a slog.

The survey found that forced attendance at work drinks are usually followed by an insolent “Who’s coming to this thing?” or “Are you sure I need to be there”.

The nation’s girlfriends and wives say that the usually-drunk bloke from HR is actually really into sport, and you’d really get along with him




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