New Zealanders will have free access to a Covid-19 vaccine, their Government confirmed during the opening of their new Parliament last Thursday.

The detail was included in the Speech to the Throne presented to Parliament, which also congratulated New Zealand citizens for their stellar work in eliminating community transmission of the coronavirus, twice.

The speech is written by the Government but presented by the Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy.

The GG began the speech by congratulating the Labour-led Government for its clear mandate to govern New Zealand, before swearing in the newest MPs of the Ardern Governement.

From the throne – located within Parliament – Reddy said the Labour-led Government takes office at a time of “unparalleled international crisis” –the greatest public health emergency since the global flu pandemic a century ago.

However, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is confident that the imminent global financial crisis will not hit her humble Pacific nation as hard as the rest.

As the nation reaches thirteen days since a case of Covid-19 was spread via community transmission was reported in all of Aotearoa – their PM has given the the green light for local industry to return to normal.

New Zealand’s beating heart of industry, Auckland City, is now once again operating at 100% – as the government rolls back the strict social distancing restrictions on the CBD fish markets.

Located next to the Nifty50 stock exchange in the centre of the most populated city in New Zealand, the Auckland Fish Market employs over 45% of the North Island’s citizens.

By allowing the Kiwi fishmongers to return to work, the Prime Minister has given the nation’s economy breathing space to make a full recovery from the two waves of the virus.

Ardern’s office says the Prime Minister is proud of how far her nation has come since New Zealand shut down their seven shops again, sending Tim’s Dairy to the brink.



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