Olfactory memory or ‘smell memory’ refers to a memory that’s triggered by an odour.

Whether it’s an old perfume that reminds you of a past love or a waft of smoke that evokes memories of nights spent conversing with strangers in a smoking section, smell memories can be pleasant or downright awful.

For local woman Elyse Hobbs, it’s unfortunately the latter – namely, she just remembered the time she almost died of alcohol poisoning.

It’s alleged Elyse had been shopping for a new eye shadow palette at her local Mecca Cosmetica, when she was stopped by the overzealous store front girls and given a large pump of sanitiser before entering.

The stench of pure alcohol is said to have instantly unlocked memories of a night she’d taken multiple shots of Tequila, which had her dry heaving in the doorway.

Like every twenty something, Elyse couldn’t smell Tequila (or Fireball) without experiencing traumatic flashbacks to nights spent doubled over in the bushes. In fact, so seared was that memory in every fibre of her being, that Elyse hasn’t been able to go near the spirit ever since. 

“Oh no” she says.

“Smells like the 2015 Ekka Races”

“Oh no. It’s all coming back to me”

It’s likely she isn’t the only one who’s had such a visceral reaction, as the store reportedly swapped the sanitiser for an apple scented one shortly after.

More to come.


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