Prominent Irish actor and comedian Chris O’Dowd is set to play an Irish guy in an upcoming new movie that isn’t set in Ireland and really has no need for an Irish character.

O’Dowd, who comes across as a nice guy in real life, is set to once again play a nice guy, in what is being heralded as ‘one of those movies that you would love watching on a rainy day’.

The 39-year-old has been cast as a character that you wouldn’t usually usually associate with an Irish accent – as he has done in many other roles – such as the Australian music label talent scout he played in The Sapphires – or the small town American highway cop he portrayed in Bridesmaids.

While O’Dowd’s talent as an actor is unquestionable, it still remains to be seen as to why he has never played a character that isn’t Irish – not even English – in all of the movies he’s ever been in.

Film critics say it may be because O’Dowd is good enough that they just make the character Irish so that he can be included, but what is not yet known is why he always plays such a nice guy.

Maybe it’s because he is a nice guy in real life.

Either way, the new movie will reconfirm mum’s long-held claim that anything with Chris O’Dowd in it is a good flick.


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