In riveting news out of the Flight Path District this evening, a recently married local fitter and turner has arrived home to learn that his missus is gonna be out late trying to win over some clients.

Craig Whether (29) says his wife, Sal, works in real estate, or something like that, but like, on a computer, so she’s not on the signs but yeah she works for Cottlesloe Realty in town.

Of a usual evening they manage to time dinner well. around 7pm on the dot when she’s home. So that he can be in bed by like 10 at the latest.

It’s a job that requires a bit of socialising and Craig very rarely gets a bait to any of his wife’s work events, mostly because he’s already home and on the couch by the time she knocks off, and is up on the tools hours before her she wakes.

But he doesn’t care about missing out on a free passionfruit-tasting craft beer and some lukewarm canapès – because it means he gets to try his hand at one of his very own 15 minute meals.

Tonight, it’s sliced white woolies bread, spreadable woolies butter, eight homebrand beef sausages and an onion. Plus 24 coronas.

“The missus and I don’t see eye to eye on what makes a delicious meal” says Craig.

“So when she’s out, I tend to give the quinoa a miss. Tonight I’m trying out this thing called ‘high carb’ – its not bad from what I’ve heard haha”

“And that’s not including just the slab of ronas”

At time of press, Craig was seen putting the Die Hard 2 DVD into his Playstation 4.

“Number two is so underrated” he says.

“Like the Matrix”


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