A local mechanic just let out an audible ‘Fuck’ in his garage this afternoon.

He did so after watching the better part of a hundred bucks just walk out the door.

Run off his feet with one of his junior staff leaving work sick before lunch and another on holiday, Tony Watson made a simple but costly error.

He forgot to change a customers windscreen wipers and charge them a 100 odd dollars for his services.

Speaking to The Advocate while he serviced one of the company cars, Watson explained that he can’t believe he just pissed a greenback away like that.

“Fuck me. She came in for a service and I lumped a few other bullshit things on there, but I completely forgot the easiest trick in the book,” he sighed.

“I told her the brake disks were fucked, but the wipers are the easiest sell on the planet.”

“It’s the Mechanics Tax, and without it, your car won’t get a safety certificate.”

“If anyone is suspicious and mentions not to change them when they bring their vehicle in, I just get one of the young fellas to slice them with a Stanley knife.”

“Anyway your transmission’s fucked so I’m gonna need to fix that, okay,” he then said to us.

More to come.


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