The father of the soon-to-be newest member of the Royal family, Meghan Markle, has made headlines this week for his embarrassing staged paparazzi photos and pulling out of the royal wedding at the last minute after heart surgery.

After a bumpy week for the LA family, that included the old man posing fake pictures, he was also snapped buying Happy Meals and KFC, which is never a good look for any bloke over 50.

This seemingly human behaviour of someone that has just been forced into international spotlight has sparked rumours that the Queen and Meghan’s mother were furious with him.

But as the bride-to-be released a statement about her sadness at her father not attending, it has today been revealed that the dad may be boycotting the wedding on his own accord, and the heart surgery is just a guise.

Sources close to Thomas Markle say that he’s reportedly fuming over the cost of the wedding, and says Prince Charles better be forking out most of the cash.

“He’s quite worried that this is all getting a bit out of hand, cost-wise” says Thomas Markle’s ten pin bowling buddy, Curly.

“I mean, it’s quite a big ask for him to have to chip in for the most extravagant wedding in human history”

“He also thinks the venue might be a bit overboard. Plus, he barely knows anyone going to the thing”

It is believed that Meghan Markle is herself getting a bit jittery, as she prepares to for a life of never having to work again.

The LA-raised TV star is going to experience many changes in her new life as a royal — the family is forbidden from discussing specific political views publicly and typically don’t vote – Markle has been told she will no longer be allowed to wear her BLM t-shirt during live interviews.



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