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Heads are set to roll at the national broadcaster next week as Triple J launches an investigation this morning into allegations that somebody on staff played a country music track yesterday.

(I Ain’t) As Good As I Once Was by US singer-songwriter Toby Keith was allegedly played at 7:34 pm last night during Good Night’s with Bridget Hustwaite and now the head honchos want answers.

“Country music has no place on Triple J at that time of night,” said acting music director, Tony Jones.

“Don’t get us wrong, we love all types of music here at the Jays but country music needs to be green-lit by the station director or myself beforehand. The song by Toby Keith that was allegedly played last night doesn’t align with Triple J’s values and we have launched an internal investigation into the incident,”

“It glories alcohol-fuelled violence, group sex and uses outdated and insensitive terms such as ‘redneck’ and ‘Texas smile’. All of which do not belong on Triple J. The investigation’s finding will be released shortly.”

Although nobody has admitted to the crime, one local Triple J listener said he almost had a car crash when the song came over the radio as he drove him from work last night.

Matt Dunston said he double took at the radio which caused him to dangerous swerve into oncoming traffic when he heard the warbling, strong vocals of Toby Keith come on directly after the latest Hockey Dad track.

“It definitely took me by surprise. I thought I’d bumped the radio onto 2WEB or something. Desert Rock FM even. But I shit you not, it was Triple J,” he told The Advocate.

“I thought maybe Tom Tilley was getting a bit excited for the Mudgee Races this weekend and slipped up after Hack, but it was well after he would’ve left. The Dragons and playing the Milk down there as well this weekend. Some of us are driving down for it, actually,”

“Anyway, it was a nice change. Yeehaw Bridget.”

More to come.


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