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Love Actually producer and guy who loves Christmas more than Jesus himself, Duncan Kenworthy, has today finalised a deal for his 14th house in the Bahamas.

Kenworthy, in a statement released to Bahaman media, stated that his latest acquisition was all thanks to the support of his family, the grace of God, and the hundreds of millions of people who watched Love Actually yesterday.

“Without all of your hard work, none of this would have been possible,” said Kenworthy. “I finally have a house with its own porn studio, which, if you remember from the movie, has always been a dream of mine”

“Honestly, Christmas is my favourite time of year,” said Kenworthy. “The festive spirit, the singing, the millions in royalty checks that flow straight into my bank account – it’s truly a magical day”

Kenworthy has celebrated every Christmas since 2003 by buying a property in the Bahamas, and is confident the tradition will continue for decades to come.

“Ultimately, my hope is to have enough real estate to finally overtake that guy that produced Die Hard”


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