While many around the country and the globe are ecstatic over the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, one young law student has been left crushed.

The Australian public has been swooning over the first-hand account from the young lovers about the magic moment when Harry dropped a knee.

“He proposed whilst roasting a chicken mate. Are you serious,” said Lloyd Browne-Cunningham.

“I watched Suits. How could he propose whilst roasting some poultry? How unromantic is that? Unbelievable. She deserves to wined and dined and Masa or Per Se, with exorbitantly priced wine.”

Browne-Cunnigham, a materialistic 5th-year law student at Notre Dame University in Sydney confirmed that he has been left emotionally crippled by all of the recent news.

“I guess you could say Suits is one of the main reasons I went into the law. As well as the fact that my father is a well-regarded partner on the lower North Shore and he spent well in excess of $100,000 on my education so I could follow in his footsteps.”

“So yeah. I love Rachel. Now that she is off the market. What’s the point? All those hours wasted.”

Browne-Cunnigham told us that he guesses he will just work in his dad’s firm and marry some girl from his sister school.

“Welcome to reality hey. Ah well at least she will get to be a princess I suppose. She deserves it.”


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